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Fiorentina V Rangers

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It may well be ugly football and may well be hard to take in, But Rangers are in the UEFA cup final. They have some how managed to win several games away from home.


Zenit were very good at home tonight,But so was Fiorentina, Sporting and others in previous rounds.


But as mentioned there will bound to be a far bigger share going to Rangers fans, 70/30 at best for Zenit IMO.

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last night was a sad day for scottish football not a good one.


it helps nobody but the huns and they know it. Manchester police will have their hands full with that shower of shyte.


its turned into a complete hun fest with d*ck and Prick at Zenit St P.


Theres nothing worse thatn gloating OF fans when they win. bad winners are worse than bad losers.


be prepared folks - wherever you are today you will see an abundance of huns tops.

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Don't care what you all say, it's good for Scottish football.


Tell that to the Germans, Greeks, Portugese and Italians and then the French in the EC who had the mis-fortune to watch our anti-fitba, defensive backs to the wall shyte....if this is the future of fitba then we should pack it all in now.

I can understand a team sitting in and defending when they're trying to hold onto a slim lead but when you've got the huns doing it at home in the first minute of the first leg and over 4 seperate rounds then it gets pretty embarrising - IMO thats nothing to be particularly proud aboot.....

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