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If a buyer can be found for ailing Gretna, the club will resume life in Division Three next season, the Scottish Football League has confirmed.


Gretna were relegated from the Premier League after going into administration and have since shed all staff.


An offer has been made for the club but it is still under consideration.


As a result of Gretna's demotion, Airdrie United will step up to Division One, while fellow play-off final losers Stranraer get a place in Division Two.


At the SFL's annual general meeting, Gretna's administrator David Elliot could not give guarantees that they will fulfil their fixtures next season.


Gretna were included in the draw for the Challenge Cup and face a trip to Clyde.

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Be good if they go bust and another north team comes into the SFL maybe even Cove,Vale,Huntly or Buckie.


there ought to be a pyramid system in scottish football...but then again id argue there are too many teams in scotland anyway with frigg all ambition...i know its herasy and i dont support any of these teams but below the first division there is virtually frigg all going on....it is almost worth combining lots of teams into regional teams or franchises cos there is just nothing there....

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Just had a look at the gretna footymad site. They have a message from footymad admin tellin them they are winding up the board and time to "head for the exits". Apparently whoever was funding it has given up. I guess both fans will just have to start talkin over the garden fence again.


edit: could actually be on the wind up. latest post contained -


While I'm here its a good chance for users to reclaim the lost property I have just found down the back of the board, anyone know who these belong to?


1 x Dummy (Looks to have landed with some force, inscribed CT)

3 x 'Living the Dream' T-shirts

1 x A-Z Map of Motherwell

140 x Dreams (All shattered)

1 x Username: "Truthhurts" (Looks to have been discarded)

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They were given 7 days to find a rescuer on the 29th May.


Would think they will be given till Thursday, Then they will fold.


According to the Scotland on Sunday it will all be over tomorrow - http://scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com/sport...d-as.4139947.jp


"There is no bid from Hume International, or from Paul Davies," said Scott Hume, "and there has never been a formal bid from us. We had discussions with the administrators to the point where we were supplied with financial information and then we withdrew because it wasn't a nice picture.
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amazing that this can happen. team goes from relative non-existance up to the SPL in a matter of years, youd think they have made some money from the league wins, the cup runs, cheap but successful squad....then its all goes bottom up. I know its all to do with the chairman but ffs, things must have been so badly planned.


My mates dad is an accountant and offered to help them out for free but they refused his help.


Side note, no real relevance but hes actually just bought a controlling share in one of the div 3 clubs, cant mind which one but its one of the Edinburgh teams. He thought gretna would be his way into football and when they knocked him back, thought sod it, who can i buy (....hes a hearts fan)

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Great news IMO. They were an embarresment to the league. Lowest attendance ever 431 just one of the records they set.


But on a passing note,Just thank Gretna for "winning" some of the terrible records that AFC had.


Especially the most conceded in a season record.


Hearts must be happy, There boggie team are no more.

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