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Madrid Scum At It Again

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Marseille fans are no angels :hysterical:


Story from a Marseille fan's perspective, sent to his La mate


How ya, hope u're well,Just been back from Madrid so I thought I'd better warn u about what youmight expect yourselves when u go there.U might have seen the pictures of that ******* guardia civil charging us on the telly, but it's not the half of what really went on. -


getting into the stadium took ages...and there were only 1400 of us! theyare very badly organised and their stewards very aggressive. They nearlystarted the beating then, pushing people queuing on one side then on theother. Even looking at them is seen as provocation, and we felt right away they were ready to go


...you know marseille supporters, lot of men and women of all ages like myself and my godmother, and you could see that theydidn't give a **** if a 60 something woman was to take a few strokes.- then they searched us and pushed us away when they were done likebleeding animals.-once inside we started our usual singing and everything was going finetill they asked the Ultras to remove one of their banner because theydidn't approve of the Jolly Roger on it...


the thing is that we could seethe same skull and crossbones drawn on one of their supporters'banderole.Of course the Ultras refused and then the guardia civil just went in without any warning and started bashing people to get to it and remove it.The truth is that they were only waiting for an excuse.- Reaction of the Spanish supporters when they see that??


.. they startclapping.- A few minutes later second charging of the police... for what??? I do notknow. Our security chief comes up in the stand to try and calm everybodydown... he finds himself on the ground at the bottom of the stairs and theonly reason he didn't get hit is because one of our steward went betweenhim and the coppers and took the blow for him. And that's an officialrepresentative of Marseille football club, with his badge on!!!


the same man who had been to meetings with the spanish authorities a couple of days before.Our president had to come up for things to settle.- During the game, monkeys cries towards our black players, fascist salutes, permanent abuses from the spanish coach towards our players on thefield


.. just unreal.At the end of the game a sickening "zieg heil" could be heard rising from apart of the spanish stand.- But it wasn't over yet! when we get out of the grounds there were many madrid supporters a few yards from our buses. we are made to understandthat we should get back into our buses pretty quickly by the police.


.. but it wasn't quick enough, the robocops start charging us again, the last ones to get into the coaches feel the truncheon on their backs.They even went inside one of the coaches, the Dodgers, a real familyorientated supporters club, and their representative, a 73 years old womangets hit!!! All that to tell you the rumour has it the spaniards are very nervous about you lot coming over and they needed a bit of practice before welcoming you. In the city though (where we were all day) nobody had any problems, nobodycaused any problems


... that's why the attitude of the guardia civil is unbelievable. We really hadn't a clue what we were in for before arriving near the grounds. Franco may be dead but his sons are still alive andkicking (litterally!!!) And of course we lost against them *******s! Well done for your victory,you're practically through and I'm delighted for you.Enjoy your trip to madrid, the whole of marseille will be right behind youwhen you play them. I hope your Gerrard and your Torres give them a good lesson in football. Pity we couldn't do it. Bye bye from Marseille. good luck.

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I had to laugh at RanBajin saying that madrid is a horrible city. It is one of the most beautiful citys in Europe, chock full of gfreat things to see and do. Clearly the policing of footie matches is a major problem but the city is well worth a visit.

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I had to laugh at RanBajin saying that madrid is a horrible city. It is one of the most beautiful citys in Europe, chock full of gfreat things to see and do. Clearly the policing of footie matches is a major problem but the city is well worth a visit.
I think he meant the experience left a sour taste. I enjoyed the trip, and had missed all of the aggro, didn't even know there had been any, but once home and seeing the scenes there had been (added to the pickpocketing I'd witnessed) just put me off ever wanting to go back.


You are right though, stand alone, taken away from football, Madrid is a fine city.

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I lived there for 4 years & thought it was an excellent city. But the Guardia civil are complete ***** & have always reacted (or started) heavy handedly to any big gatherings, it just gets more press cos it was football, The real madrid games dinny get as much press cos that's supposedly the upper class side/team in the city but believe me there's just as much trouble with a section of their support.

I seen some real madrid fans getting a serious pounding in 2002 (i think) the year they beat Bayer Leverkusen at hampden, they were parading the cup through madrid in the afternoon but in the evening (while the party was still going) it was like they just thought, time for bed, get them out of here & waded in.

Atletico Madrid has a bigger element i'd say & this is why they (guardia civil) seem to beat up anyone who's playing them, whether it's to try & stop there fans getting started or just that (in their own press) they want everyone to think that the Atletico fans are so much worse than the real madrid fans, when really they're both as bad as each other. Racist *****, the whole of spain's like that but Madrid is prob worst.

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I had to laugh at RanBajin saying that madrid is a horrible city. It is one of the most beautiful citys in Europe, chock full of gfreat things to see and do. Clearly the policing of footie matches is a major problem but the city is well worth a visit.


Shame about a lot of the locals too....mutants.

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from the moment I got off the plane and a gringo tried to do a mate's bag in the airport to gettin back on the plane the place was a feckin bin ! ...obviously there must be beautiiful parts of the city but unfortunatley i won't be back to see!!

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Guest Donforlife
Just read what you posted there, VDA, you must have been close to me as I was in the bar at the corner with glasgowdon when the nutter started it all off.


Also the cops tried to send me up an ally.


you sure it wasnt craig brewster dressed up?

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Thats the spaniards for you they have a chip on there shoulders,i think it might be because they are all short arses,they feel the need to get the trunchans out to compensate for their size.


To be fair, I've been to Spanish territory twice and studied with Spanish students at uni and always found the Spanish people in general to be very warm, friendly and welcoming. The Spaniards are people I've always had a lot of time for.


I cannot comment directly on the Madrid civilians or police, but their behaviour towards Aberdeen, Bolton and Marseilles fans has been despicable. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the Munich police were exemplary. Go figure...


I think the problem with the Atletico fans is due to the inferiority complex they have over being in the eternal shadow of their neighbours. It's comparable with a great deal of Manchester City fans (or the "Bitter Blues", as they're known to many Man Utd., Bolton, Wigan, etc. supporters) and their knuckledragging behaviour.

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Well like many, I saw two sides to things in Madrid. As a city, it's an amazing place. The behaviour of SOME of the citizens leaves a lot to be desired, e.g., the mongrels (apparently often immigrants) who made such a killing on the wallet-nicking, but the looks on the faces of some of the other citizens passing by the masses of dandies singing in the Sol during the day/evening was that of bemused tolerance.


I didn't personally see any trouble IN the stadium although the cops lined the back of our end which I found to be rather menacing, but obviously before the match, there was all the hoo-haa with the flares which I found myself very close to when it kicked off. And the Guardia's behaviour can at best only be described as OTT.


However, to label ALL Madridians in one group because a minority don't know how to behave is completely unfair.


As has been pointed out, Munich was a very welcome contrast. Does that mean ALL Munichers know how to behave? Probably not, but we saw the best side of that city and its people. Don't make any mistake though - that Polizei knew fine well how to act should there have been any trouble!



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KGB: yes, probably an overreaction on my part, as to be honest, I wasn't in Madrid very long, and didn't get a chance to see any of its no doubt wonderful sights.


But as Fatshaft realised, it was my gut reaction to the violence, theft and shambolic organisation we personally experienced. Three hours to queue for a train ticket, Bobby Moores all over the city centre, our hotel moving us down the street, etc etc.


But yeah, shouldn't have dismissed an entire city maybe.


Just lots more places I'd rather go to, given the choice.

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As has been mentioned I thought it was a beautiful city. I wish I had a couple of extra days to do some exploring. The night after the game we went for a wander to find out where the locals 'hung out' Found some incredible wee bars that were honestly no bigger than your living room. It was totally bizarre squeezing through the door into this packed out 'box room'. All the locals in that area seemed really nice.


However, the events involving the football has left a very sour taste of the place and it'll be a long time before I'm back. One of the guys I was with had his phone knicked so he will forever hate Spain and the Spanish! His view on the place is a bit OTT but after all the stories I really didn't feel too safe at night time when I was wearing anything that would identify me as an Aberdeen fan. The police were a complete joke and there did seem to be quite a few dodgers about. Sol Square pre-match was incredible though!


Munich on the other hand :crossfingers:


Get me back there!

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Liverpool's Champions League opponents Atletico Madrid must play their next two home matches away from the Calderon Stadium as a result of racist abuse.


The Uefa ban follows the treatment of Marseille fans during and after Atletico's 2-1 win a fortnight ago.


Monkey chants were aimed at the French club's players, while the Marseille team bus was attacked after the match.


The Liverpool game, on 4 November, will be held at a neutral venue 200 miles from Madrid which has yet to be chosen.


The Spanish club have also been fined a record 150,000 euros by European governing body Uefa, while the punishment could be extended to a third home match should there be further trouble at the club within five years.


The decision to move the Liverpool game from Madrid will deny former Atletico striker Fernando Torres the chance to return to his former home ground when the Reds look to maintain their 100% start to their European campaign next month.


Atletico must also play PSV away from the Vicente Calderon Stadium on 26 November.


"Atletico are shocked by the news," reports BBC Radio 5 Live's Ashish Sharma.


"Basically Uefa are unhappy with the way the police treated Marseille fans. They forced them to remove banners and they refused to escort the team bus from the training ground to the stadium, which was then attacked.


We have no direct influence on Fifa decisions at all. But if we had been in charge, the punishment would have been a lot heavier


Uefa spokesman on the fine given to Croatian FA last month

"The coach (Javier Aguirre) has also been banned for two matches (home and away against Liverpool) for abusing a Marseille player and there has been a record

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Guest LondonScottish
How will playing away from the VC stop racist chanting? Fans will still be allowed in. Will they play game across the city?



I don't think the Athletico fans ever usually travel well. Would think if it was 200 miles away, they won't bother turning up. :rolleyes:

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Yeah that's what I thought when I read it. Seems the OTT policing and flare wielding fans has been totally overlooked.


Still...nae luck :rolleyes:


Utterly ridiculous by UEFA.


Bee in their bonnet about racist chanting - fair enough but skulls getting cracked is surely a more pressing issue?


And they should just have played it closed doors.

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