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I'm on Montbazon (got 10/1, early price) in the 1.30 - the trainer has said its his best horse of the whole meet.


also got Quantitativeeasing in the 2.40 and Binocular in the 3.20, looking for an A P McCoy double.


Fucking love Cheltenham, great odds, almost

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Got £1700+ return from that on a £5 treble on Bill Hill.


I do patents, lucky 15's and lucky 31's in the bookies. When its on the horses and its decent odds, like at Cheltenham, you at least have a chance of getting your stake back even if you only get 1 horse in.


Saying that, had a fucking marvellous run at the start of the year and have had fuck all back since.


Still, I get a bigger buzz of the horses than I used to get from the ket so its money well spent.

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Hurricane fly will take some beating on the 1520.



Forgot that AFC-Chat has a few people doing bets on here for Chelt .


I usually listen to paddy power and Rupert Bell ( decent pundit ) on Talksport, Said that Rock on Ruby was a decent punt at 12/1 .. Put 10 on E/W ... Bang !


Defo worth listening to them before the race starts ....

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