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Top 5 Favourite Aberdeen Players

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Joe Harper

Eric Black

Willie Miller

Han Gilhaus

Eoin Jess


Honourable mention to: -


Zoltan (nae enuf games to make the list)

Yonny Hewitt (Scottish Cup Final 86 superb individual performance, dominated game, point to prove to Fergie + that goal)

David Robertson (most reliable full back ever at AFC, he was class for us)

Alec McLeish

Jim Leighton

Steve Archibald

Jim Bett

Davy Robb

Jim Forrest

Bumper Graham

Martin Buchan

Hicham RIP


Nae c.unt since Milne teen oer.


misssed out Arthur Graeme, drew jarvie, davie robb, strachan for mentions

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f**k, now I'm struggling. Leighton and Kajer?


Best I can do just now I suppose. We've had some absolute sh*te that I've had to put up with in my time as a dandy :(





Jamie Smith purely for his goals (huns and Copenhagen)

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Paddy Buckley. always wanted to run as fast as him when i was knee high to a grasshopper.

Graham Leggat. great memories of him. 29 goals in 29 app's 55/56 Oh to be young again.

Martin Buchan. just great to watch

Joe harper. THE KING. what more can i say. Goal record holder, what was it? 42 goals in 71/72

Willie Miller......living legend.

I have many other favourites but football was a completely different game back then.

The atmosphere was magic.

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