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Where Did You Get Your Nat King Cole


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Anyone on here from Oldmachar era late 80's early 90's?


Well me and 90% of my year lost our cherry to Baulers, was about 13/14 whatever second year was. She was the same age but got cocked by f**king heaps of folk, there was even liney ups at old wifey Bains farm house where she was getting scuttled on a pishy old matress while folk outside primed their bobbies until it was their shottie.


She was a f**king howler mind, stinking fud aswell, not really surprising though.


Quite romantic really.


nice story :hysterical:

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You fannied about until you were 19 then banged 2 in one night? Come on tell the boys fit really happened!!


Classy birds :itch-chin: , they earned the nicknames Spitroast sus/ Spitters and Doggy Donna. 1st one was an okay ride but not very flexible 2nd one more flexible (body of baywatch, face of crimewatch kinda girl)

like a sack o tatties and fanny like The Channel Tunnel. Went on tae shag the first een a few times on drunken weekends.

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I popped my cherry on the 4th of July 2002.


We were both 15 and it was with a lassie fae Portlethen who'd been cocked mair times than Davy Crocket's rifle. I was the fortunate soul who she had chosen to be her next ride when we met at Amadeus Nightclub (under 18's night).


I think I lasted all of 90 seconds as I porked her, almost fully clothed I might add, on my couch the next day. I thought I was ****ing Erchie after that.


Saw her for a few months before she ran off with a 20 year old.


Which now looking back, is very ****ed up.

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