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Young To Skipper Dons.

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Young's a good player, no frills, but he gives it everything, every game.


Not dis-similar to Steve Tosh, who had cult hero status here.


He's a better captain than Diamond for certain.


Who else is there, at the moment in any case, to take on the job of harrying their teammates?


Good decision.

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To me it doesn't read anywhere near saying Young will be skipper. Just says Young to go in and fill Hartley's (who happens to be injured skipper) role.


the headline says it but this is the EE mind you. Think will wait for full article to see what is actually said.


Surely Diamond will be captain.



Edit: Scrap that - Diamond is suspended!!

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Assume this means Brown will be offering Young a new deal since clearly sees him as influential in our squad.


He is influential though, undeniably.


Calderwood got slagged to ribbons, sometimes justifiably, for filling the squad with such players.


When he left we got rid of a substantial number of them, and replaced them with players unfamiliar with SPL football.


Things got markedly worse, rapidly.


There's a lot to said for journeymen who know Scottish fitba inside out, and there's few bigger journeymen (who know Scottish fitba inside out) than Derek Young.


I'd give him a new contract for sure on that basis and also for the fact he won't be onerous on the wage bill.

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My highlight since Dezzy's return was when he came on in the most recent Sellick game at Pittodrie......


Once of the first things he did was f+cking nail one of the Tims players, good and proper - right infront of the dugout.


And I thought to myself even though you're pretty sh*te - good on you Dezzy, you're one of us.


If he does nothing other than romp about putting in heavy challenges on the opposition then fair enough.



^Look - Dezzy can even pyure write and at man-!^

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would that include our most famous glaswegian SAF? or the many players he signed from paisley, glasgow and surrounding areas that subsequently brought our most successful times ever?



Dinna take everything you read so seriously WackoJacko min. Or should I insert a laughing smiley to differentiate between serious and sarcastic posts for your benefit.



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He's actually played rather well for us since Brown came here with the exception of Utd away and his mad handball in the semi-final (but then again most of our team were horse that day anyway). As has been said not exactly a great player but you know what you'll get from him and he certainly plays for the shirt which is refreshing to see from a Weeg. That said i don't know if i'd be keen for him to sign on again for next season until we know what Broon's plans are.

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