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Beckham's Bairn


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Freedom to choose and they live in a different world from us , the same but different , ye'd be the same yersels....should you be so lucky.


Unusual names are far more commonplace than they used to be and are part of the effort to make a mark , identify , the struggle for survival.


No guarantee that you'll turn out talented like but people will be less likely to forget your name.


'Mind Zappa called his daughter 'Moon Unit' :laughing: and Bowie called his son 'Zowie'( he changed it to Duncan Jones when he grew up ).


In brief , we can cry oorsels fitiver we like in Scotland , Caledonia , Alba - Scots , Gaels , Brits , Picts





' Ye are fit ye are fan ye're it ' ( Sly McStone )

Moon Unit is a cracking name, infact I will call my child that if I ever have one.

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I don't see what all the fuss is?


Seven is a fairly common name on my family.


We all have different numbers for middle names.


My real name is Andre 69 Mcf**k.


Are you related to Peter 501 Mcf**k by any chance?


Used to work with him at the Levi factory in Auchnagatt.

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That song writing "genius" that is Matt f**king c**t Bellamy and Kate "Nae Paps and a total f**kin boot" Hudson have named their bairn Bing.


f**k off.

Ok i'll give you the name of the kid being terrible, but Kate Hudson being a munter?




So you're saying you would say no to that?

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