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John Hewitt - 9 Seconds - 1982 Cup Vs Motherwell

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I would have thought anyone with a modicum of intelligence could (sp) 'Van der Ark'.


All three constituent parts of his surname are three letters each!


You might be reasonable at football, but clearly you never stuck in at school.

Yes, but I couldn't remember if the headline carried the Dutch, Ark, or the French, Arc. I suppose in hindsight Ark ticks all the boxes.




forme de tasse mes testicules dans votre main et se l

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The weather if I remember was ok as I think I had on a Y-Cardigan and sta-press


Did you involve yourself in a bout of fisticuffs with some gentlemen from the local area, by any chance?


I'm doing some research :)


And Daytripping, I'll be sending you a PM shortly :thumbs:

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