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Nothing worse than when the beer choice is shit, then you are forced to go on to Guiness.


Then its out of a can.





Kinlochleven Beer choices are shit, on tap there is fosters and carling in one pub, and Heineken in the other. Think the Ice Factor that's just reopened might have tenants, should get down next week and find out. I should hopefully get a licence in a few months when the craft beer choice will be fucking ace.

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Its strange that Tennents is magic in some places but garbage in others


Must nae clean their pipes.



Stopped going to the Foundry as it seemed to be that one of every three pints was poor. Had to take 2 rounds back in Abercrombie last week because the pints were flat, didn't stay for a third round. Holborn has improved recently and don't remember ever getting a bad pint in the Adam Lounge.

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Why aren't brewdog and other aberdeen businesses not heavily involved at afc.


I must admit, our Atlantic cousins know this. San Francisco is Levi this and that with the baseball. Steelers have heinz field. Boston has w b mason, and so on.


Because half the miserable cunts on AFC Chat say they are wanks with shite beer.

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I thought trump was ok as well. We all knew he was a bully but seemed to embrace his Scottish roots and not his German.


I blame Obama for taunting him at that Washington party.


I don't think he believes what he is saying, because he doesn't really have much to say! I think a lot of it is him just being a blowhard, because he always supported the democrats like the New Yorkers do.


We've disowned him pronto, maybe to avoid being a target like Brussels. Which seems outlandish and a knee jerk reaction, I though a university would have given him more time to see how things panned out.

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