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Aberdeen V United

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Dundee United are shocking defensively just now, so we should have chances. They have been lacking width at times this season like us, so could all revolve around the central midfield battle. They have lost a lot of their best players from the last couple of seasons and those left aren't on their best form, so more confident than recent games against them. Just hope we put in a performance similar or close to the last one...

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I had a dream last night that McArdle scored to put us 1-0 up with 13 minutes to go... but I've never shown any particular talent for clairvoyance in the past!


I really can't call the result on this one - hope they put up another good performance a la the Dunfermline game

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Now that all this international pish is over, back to the real fitba.


Same team that humped Dunfermline and a 2-0 win for Aberdeen. sorted.


I wasn't at the Dunfermline game but from what I have heard it would be suicide if Brown changes anything. Send them out to attack and win.

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Can't remember the last time i looked forward to a game so much. Glad the game is at 3 aswell. Should mean a good crowd and atmosphere and also means many pre match pints at the Bobbin watching Liverpool Man United.


Same lineup and performance as last time please. :crossfingers:

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Think it will be a decent game, crowd around 12,000 or so, should be a good atmosphere. For those with pals etc U18 then its a free ticket if your a season ticket holder or paying at gate, split costs etc, great chance to get to game cheap.


Fancy us to shade it, hope there's loads of goals, as that's what footballs all about.

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