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Would Our Club Be In Nearly As Much Debt

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No apologies from me for lifting this straight from another poser on the RTC site.


To me the constant flushing of other people's money down the toilet on expensive foreign football players just to so the fret people can win everything domestically by dozens of points each year is totally immoral and unjustified.


And then when blowing the banks money, the fans money, the shareholders money, Dave Kings money and ENIC's money wasn't quite enough they screwed us all by taking the tax man's money and spending that on more players = more trophies.


The fanny didn't even have the good grace to put any of his own cash in. Looking back on it now, how did we ever miss this as it happened? To what lengths did they go to keep the national press from asking questions.


If you think I'm being OTT here just imagine the uproar if AFC had spent money we didn't have like this for 15 years and the media's precious OF teams hadn't been able to win every league titles. They have been out to get us in every way possible. We'd be accused of cheating and the administrative bodies would be harassed and threatened until they changed the rules to precent us from doing so.


Last question for you all - would Afc have been in anything like as much debt as we are if we hadn't stupidly been trying to keep even close to this.


Rangers profit/loss figures lifted from RTC blog:





Turnover 39.7m

Loss for the year – 12.7m



Turnover 64.5m

Profit for the year 7.2m



Turnover 41.8m

Loss for the year -6.253m



Turnover 43.483m

Profit for the year 0.092m



Turnover 34.480m

Profit for the year 12.674m*


* This figure was arrived at by counting a 15m gain due to ‘negative goodwill release’ from buying back NTL’s previous 15m investment in Rangers media rights for £1. Actual operations for the year produced a loss of 7.813m.



Turnover 57.079m

Loss for the year -5.939m



Turnover 49.035m (as restated in 2004 accounts)

Loss for the year -29.605m



Turnover 44.812m

Loss for the year -35.328m



Turnover 47.033m

Loss for the year -16.897m



Turnover 51.695m

Loss for the year -24.999m



Turnover 35.526m

Loss for the year -24.393m



Turnover 32,526m

Loss for the year – 0.800m



Turnover 31,664m

Loss for the year -20.513m



Turnover 30.708m

Profit for the year 2.256m



Turnover 19.833m

Profit for the year 0.455m


TOTAL LOSSES 1995-2009 = 177.427m

TOTAL PROFITS 1995-2009 = 22.677m


NET LOSS 1995-2009 = 154.750m

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