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How do they work and what are the best ones?


Never used them before.


They work by taking a copyright protected file such as the latest cinema release or must have album and smashing it up into about a billion different little fragments or ''pieces'' as they are known in the trade.


When someone uploads a file to a torrent site they have %100 of these pieces in their possession. A person who has all the pieces is known as a ''Seeder''. The torrent site then takes the uploaded file and creates a torrent file for it - which tells the person who has the torrent file the directions to retrieve each piece of the file they are after.


Once you have one or more pieces of the file you become a ''peer''. People who have the torrent can retrieve pieces from both peers and seeders so they can reconstruct it for themselves. Once you get all the pieces of the file you become a ''seeder'' and you continue to make the file available for sharing - this is the process known as seeding. Only newfags do not seed after DL reaches 100%. Its common courtesy to continue to seed until your download to upload ratio reaches a minimum of 1.


The beauty of the system lies in the fact that the sharing of the file becomes more effcient the more people who are downloading.


The best torrent engine IMHO is bit torrent 7.0


The best site for torrents IMHO is http://www.isohunt.com/


Only an idiot however would download copyrighted material using a torrent site naked i.e. without using an IP blocker > I suggest you visit here to get one: http://www.peerblock.com/


Enjoy downloading copyrighted material Dynamo lad...



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