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Kilmarnock Vs Aberdeen

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8th Dec 01 Killie away 1-3 (L)

15th Dec 02 Dunfy away 0-3 (L)

11th Dec 04 Hibs away 1-2 (L)

17th Dec 05 Livi away 1-1 (D)

17th Dec 09 Well away 0-3 (L)


and now


3rd Dec 11 Killie away 0-2 (L)


Cant remember the home game or even the season


P 6 W 0 D 1 L5 F3 A14



But with the exception of the posponed game last year in the other years you have left out we have won,

So really

P10 W4 D1 L5 (can't be arsed working out goals) and you are going back 11 years to get that stat. :nono:

In last 6 years

P5 W3 D0 L2. :itch-chin:


That's the problem with stats.

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Left out because i had no idea when the actual night out was basically because mcguire had left the club by that time :laughing:


Do you know when it was or have you just looked at the last away before xmas?

06 and 08 we won all our games around Christmas.

07 I thought was the year they went to Dublin after a home game, and we won our home games that year, accept I might be wrong with this one. :dontknow:

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Not sure about other games as cant be assed checking but thats at least 4 times now that we have lost the away game before the team head for their night out.


And once if i recall correctly at home.



Are you suggesting that our squad is too Christian?


Perhaps we need a few Jews and a couple more Arabs?

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Or some players who actually care more about being pro footballers than pro drinkers.


Dont care how far in advance this was planned, players should have been told due to their shit performances and as punishment for the most embarassing defeat in our history only a few games ago they had to stay in aberdeen for their night out.


Jimmy Chungs is too good for the cunts.

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