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What Springs To Mind When You Think Of Chinese People?


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Massive cities.

Rude people.


Spot on. Rudest people I've met. Mind you I'd nae been much further than Tenerife before I moved here.


Unbelievable people. Cover their mouths when using a toothpick but will happily piss/shit/spit within feet from you with no ounce of shame. Drivers here can't drive and you take your life in your hands when you cross the road. Red lights don't mean shit.


Food is shit. Don't think Chicken & Blackbean Sauce from the local takeaway, think feet, beaks and fatty shit. Can't buy owt in the supermarket that resembles any signs of being edible.


Dress sense is fuckin' murder. Sea of Puffa jackets at the moment being winter. Beijing favours a trench coat but the Shanghainese love a Puffa jacket.

Cunts in shops try and rip you off at every opportunity. Not Chinese and the price suddenly shoots up.


Canna buy decent trainers.


A lot of them grow their fingernails long to show that they are not manual workers. Mostly these long fingernails are in one orifice or another. Kids walking about with their genitals hanging out in deep winter, canna be good for penile growth. Weirdos walking about in pyjamas and slippers.


Electronic equipment very expensive despite it being fucking made here, stuff you can get cheap is inevitably substandard shit. Workmen delivering white goods on scooters. Said workmen not having a fucking clue how to install it. Corrupt culture. Buy an expensive packet of fags for a government official and the 'tax' for having that second kid suddenly reduces. Being warned not to take legal action against a prick because he has 'connections' coz punching kids is OK here apparently.


Everything is shit quality here. 'The World's Factory'? Aye, but it's getting shipped all over the world to buyers specifications , none of it stays here. The stuff here is their interpretation of shit they have made for other folk. Most of it shit.


Do I like China? Do I fuck.


Yellow Peril?? Fuck all to be scared of. They may be a financial superpower but they would cut each others throats at the drop of a hat.


TsingTao is it's only saving grace. And cheap blowjobs.

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