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Real Madrid are looking to open a $1bn resort including hotel, sports facilities etc, can't say i'm all that surprised about this. Thought it would be something Manchester City or Madrid would be looking into, although I think it is another sign of the direction the 'leading' clubs are heading ie albeit maximising potential revenue, becoming increasingly focused on essentially non footballing matters. The balance between realising financial opportunities whilst, fundamentally, remaining a football club set up to win games and trophies and becoming a club where football is a secondary thought to sponsors and investment opportunities is widening.


This is not to say this venture will not be a success, chances are there will be a market for this and the rich will get richer...My link

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I'm pretty sure that the financial fair play regulations would mean that they can't use this type of income to fund their club though. I'm sure it has to be income derived directly from football related activity and not hotels etc etc. Makes this all a bit pointless.

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