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Is There A Game Today....

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Definitely not meaningless but I think the way the league season has slowly petered out has taken the interest out of it a little. Plus people are subconsciously saving it all for the cup semi - that's going to be the one to get the blood pumping again.


All the off field goings on of course doesn't help - most of the big stories are happening off field.


So my prediction for today 2-0 the dandies.


Lets see a 4-4-2 Broon and some involvement from the start of either uchechi (if indeed he any good at all) OR one of the young lads.

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tell twiggs i'm asking for him.

Noticed he was playing for them, potentially a good side there, alot of younger lads though but all played with each other through schooling.


Anyways, i think we'll win today, Caley arn't that great I think last weeks loss is a good thing as we can now go about winning agame.

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