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Fao Tom English

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Almost like he's over-compensating for the whole 'Irish' thing by suddenly leaping enthusiastically into bed with the Hunnery. See also under "I'm really an Airdrie fan" [read: Celtic obsessive] Jim Traynor".


It's ok, min, just speak your mind! We know that deep, deep down you must fucking loathe them (even if your reasons for doing so are based on abject Timmery), so just come out and say so! :thumbup1:

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Were you nae championing him before Bobby?


I think I may have done that when he was citing/quoting me some time ago.


"That Tom English is both insightful and intelligent." I might have said something along the lines o'.


Subsequently I've discovered that his citing/quoting me was likely the only clever thing he's done. The high water mark of his life's work, as it were.


The twat that he is.

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