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Class Action Anyone?

a don in oz

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I've signed up to be part of a class action (if it comes to that) against the 'water board'/state government here post the floods last year. I was unhappy the way things went including my insurers being twats about it and covering nothing, but que sera sera! Shit happens right?


That was my attitude until the flood enquiry here found that the dam engineers were playing fast and loose with the rules of operation and then tried to cover it up by changing records.


Cover up... that made me see red and decide I'd put my hand up for a piece of whatever piece of flesh is going.


I know that even if it comes to it the only people who will get rich will be the lawyers with me getting a fiver out of it but my question is has anyone else here ever been a part of one?


This isn't about legal shit... I'm just curious if anyone else has been involved in such a thing.




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Not a class action but part of a group of 9 who took our builder and architect to court (well not quite as they settled beforehand) - long slow and we needed to put cash in upfront which 2-3 years down the line has still to emerge back to me (though it should - allegedly). Still satisfying to get the cowboy off his horse and doing some work - wasn't wiggy though.

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Bit of a different thing in my case....


We owned a cottage out on one of the islands west of Bergen. One day we open the paper to see a "vision for a coastal community" by this entrepeneur complete with marina, apartments, the whole nine yards. The fact all of this was going to be on ours and our neighbour's land seemed to be irrelevant.


We (70 cottage owners) met with him and said pleasantly GTF, that's our land. He went away, and about a year later, a new "vision" appeared in the paper, complete with support from columnists and other rent-a-mouths.


This meant that in the public mind, this was going to happen, everyone was happy about it, and the people who actually owned the land were an irrelevant pain in the arse.


At this point we got together again and decided to get a lawyer. Problem was there was by now about 15 or so owners who saw the whole thing as a way to make some money and were happy to sell to the entrepeneur.


The lawyer started working on the case, but there was no effort behind it from the owners any more, the resistance started to crumble. The rest of us were left with mounting legal bills and no coherent strategy to fight this cunt.


The cottage became a money pit, all the enjoyment we got from it disappeared, so like a few others, we got out while the going was good and sold our place to a private person, who now has to deal with all the shit.



The moral of all this being, dinna trust any fucker.

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I think we've been party to a few class actions... and I think the most we got was about 27 bucks. The least being a buck something.


Been sued once, by some redneck claiming whiplash after they hit our car... of course they won and our insurance went up by about 25%... we quit that provider for being fucking hopeless.


Anyway, class actions tend to be of no financial benefit whatsoever, unless you just want enough to buy a pizza and a couple of beers.

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