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G'burg 83 - Hampden 12

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Casting back to the banners & flags on show in Gothenburg all those rainy nights ago I am looking for up to date suggestions to daub on a sheet for Hampden next week and take into consideration for the return trip on May 19th


If I remember the Ullevi was graced with witty dittys like


Peter Weir lays on more balls than Emmanuel

Rougvie never lets a dego by

& something about Mark McGhee & British Leyland (canna mind exactly)


Surely you bright lads and lasses can come up with some gems

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How about a picture of a velociraptor, with the caption 'Hibs last Scottish Cup-winning captain'.



Could be risky, tempting fate & all that. Unless we only displayed it once the game's in the bag.


Other options is a banner with a guy riding a penny farthing saying Hibs last Scottish cup winning captain.

Would be quite fitting seen as they were basically used up until the 1880's when the safety bike took over.


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Leighton/Brown saves better than RBS - Well, maybe not considering the economy.

McGhee/Vernon strikes better than Scottish Bluebell.

Our Osbourne is better than yours.


Ma Osborne could batter your Osborne. ?

Brown loves pillowey mounds of mash potato.


Or maybes a white banter with a red ribbion on it and "Stay safe, use Jason Brown".





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