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Hun On Radio

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"I'm a true bluenose..."


"This guy [Whyte] needs to get a life before he loses wan...."


Followed by 10 seconds of mute from Young, obviously telling him not to threaten Whyte's life in public.\


Ah, the Huns... when they're not trying to kill people they're talking about killing people.

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Stopped listening to that shite a while ago, absolute drivel.


Agree, the BBC need to put an end to this drivel, and the huge Old Firm love in that is Sportsound.


There is no way you can discipline everyone on the show and make them change their mindsets. Their idea that our football is Rangers, Celtic, and then a passing interest in the rest is absolutely manifest.


The show needs taken off air, totally scrapped. The BBC have an obligation to provide a service for all of us.


At the moment they are catering for the lowest common demoninator with this sycophantic, biased crap that is their excuse for a radio show.


These morons issuing the threats to Craig Whyte have simply no comprehension of the real story behind the trouble their club is in, and nor do they wish to know.


The idiots who chair the Sportsound studio don't know either.


As you say, it's total garbage, and we should maybe make a concerted effort to call the show regularly to hammer this home.


I've never met the man, maybe he's a fine bloke, but his pathetic subservient attitude riles me intensely.


I'm talking Chick Young. I have an all consuming hatred for that glaikit bastard.

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