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Your Greatest Sporting Moment


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Doesn't have to be football related, so posted it here instead of the main board. I was never the greatest sportsman, so I'm not starting it to brag, as will be seen by mine. :cry:


Scoring a hat-trick from left back (I'm right footed) at schools football.


Grannying the local pool champion in one go from the break in the pub while still at school (and underage).

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Guest milne_afc

Hooking a weegie ned in a U14's Scottish Cup quarter final against St Colombus and knocking the c*nt on his arse.


4-2 down in a scrappy encounter and to be honest, the wee shite was pretty good. We'd been mouthing off at each other the whole game.


Went for a 50/50 and i won, obviously, he turned and caught me with a flailing arm, i gave up the chase on the ball, turned round and leathered him.


Straight red. My dad said he heard the crack from the other side of the pitch.



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Played in champion street (rip) 3 times, won it 3 times.


Best sporting moment was probably when i played down at David Beckham's football academy, and got to play in a couple games with the boyo. was only about 12 at the time, so was a good experience.

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Rugby U13's, Got the ball on my own tryline and proceeded to sprint the entire length of the pitch to score. That was my second try of the game and i was buzzing. Broke my arm a few weeks later at a 7's tournament in Perth and gave up rugby a year later. Converted to football after that.

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Scotland under 15s in Bordeaux tourney...group section against Luxenburg (0-0), Cologne (3-1) (was captain) Real Madrid (0-0) and Bordeaux (2-0)... unbeaten and then got beat off a France select in semi. Getting beat 2-0 with 5 mins to go and i scored a pen and then we equalised in injury time....got beat on pens


even tho it was 21 years ago walking out in Semi final behind the Lion Rampant and singing flower of Scotland in front of 10000 people still makes me wanna cry like a girl.

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Held the school record for the javelin and long jump for many years.


The fact that nobody had attempted them before (and for many years after) is a mere technicality.






Won both age groups in the Cullen Gala slow cycle race.


10 and under and 11 and over. :trophy:


This was not last year I hasten to add.

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Scoring the winner in the fife 5-a-side summer cup final for the famous Miglo Five.


Playing against Strathclyde Police in the Scottish cup and getting sent of for clattering in to PC Sexy (absolute wank) in front of the masses of filth watching, they were seething.

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Dunno if it was my 'Greatest moment' but by far my favourite sporting moment was trialing for my secondary school team, playing defence, but it was packed with people trying too hard to impress the coach. Standing on the half way line, the ball is punted upfield. I collect the ball, beat the only two defenders left in their half, then chip the keeper from about 20 yards, right into the net... then I turn away and airplane my way victoriously back to right back.


My second favourite moment was booting my own team captain full force in the face and knocking him unconscious for a good 5 minutes. He was a tosser, so I wasn't overly concerned. Actually, maybe that was my favourite moment. I can still see him lying there, face down, and I'm trying to look serious on the outside but about greeting with laughter on the inside.

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Held the school record for the javelin and long jump for many years.


The fact that nobody had attempted them before (and for many years after) is a mere technicality.


It is unusual to hear of those two sports being combined.


The synchronised swimming and high jump was aye a bastard, I thought. Maybe a piece of piss for a dolphin, though.

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Saving a pen with my eyes closed in my first game for 7aside school team.


Winning the shell trophy after a few defeats.


Winning my first muay thai Interclub fight


Scoring a 4 playing cricket, also taking a few catches and the best one would be bowling for the second time last season, getting the final wicket to win the match.

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I've never been the best at sport to be honest, pretty quick though.


At my high school rugby was the thing, lot of schools internationals actually(I wasn't too worried about it, my main concern was not getting nailed lol). I mind one day at training, skinny little me with all these very serious rugby types, skining the whole lot of them. I'd done it a few times but this was against the blokes in the years above too. I'll be honest I'm not even convinced I actually knew all the rules. laughing.gif

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Hurdles champion in 1st or 2nd year at school.


Player of the year for the BB football team twice. top scorer from left midfield.


Scoring 2 goals in the last 5 minutes - including a run from the half way line (they didnt want to challenge me) - to win a college football inter-class semi final 4-3.

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Oh aye other enn, 2nd in the 100Ms"wing sports" at ATC down in Inverness against all the squadrons in the Highland including Aberdeen.


Now 2nd doesn't sound that good but took think two heats to get to the final and everyone else was wearing fancy spikes and the poofy proper athletics tops and that. I was wearing blue sude fila basket ball boots. Boy in first did beat me fair enough, but he did get a ATC blue (represented whole ATC in the UK at 100Ms).


Think it was 800Ms I did no training for (at all, not even one run of it to get the pace) wearing same shoes, again against folk wearing spikes lead them all till the straight at the end when 3 passed me(all like double the size of me with all the fancy stuff). An RAF PT guy came over and said "ah you did well there, must have trained a lot... wait what are you wearing?" looking at my blue sude shoes.


Actually when I mind the year before wasn't at the night when they dished out the events and I got put in the shot putt... look like kermit btw, very convincingly last. laughing.gif

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