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Today's Good News


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Good news for fossils like yerself Nixx, but no for us young 'uns ;)


How's retirement treating you?





I think the simple pleasures are the best , ByenEBergen and one of Life's most simple pleasures is the long lie...which I am indulging right now( altho' I must get up by 8.30am)






I have taken to it like a duck to water I reckon and I am thinking that stress levels are down which results in memory function improved.





The future looks bright , this vista of not having to sell one's time to anyone else every again.





Thank you for askin'....BEB. :)





60 will come round sooner than you think and the pharmaceutical industry is just waiting to sell you stuff you don't need. Rubbing their hands in glee , they are.



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Good to hear 'Nixx.


Given how little ye worked afore retirement, eh'd no doubt ye'd adjust :P




Ye're nae wrang ! :laughing:



My posts on here are waaaay down now that I'm nae workin'.


I was succeeded by a Liverpool supporter who I dare say is keeping up the tradition , only not on here.



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also in today's good news file i'd say, is the fact that Charles Taylor has been found criminally guilty. :applause:

though on the downside, it appears he may serve out any sentence in the UK. i wonder whose tax dollars will pay for his incarceration? :dontknow:




In a historic ruling, a United Nations-backed tribunal at The Hague has found Charles Taylor, the former president of Liberia, "criminally responsible" of aiding and abetting in the commission of 11 crimes. The ruling is momentous: according to Human Rights Watch (HRW), this is the first time a head of state has been convicted by an international court since Nuremberg, the trial of Nazi officials that followed the Second World War. Taylor is also the first former African leader ruler to stand trial for war crimes.


Taylor was found to have provided sustained support for rebels during a reign of terror in neighbouring Sierra Leone. The tribunal also ruled that Taylor participated in the planning of some attacks, including the assault on Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.


According to Elise Keppler, HRW's senior international justice counsel, "this is a victory for Sierra Leonean victims of Taylor's brutal crimes, and all those seeking justice when the worst abuses are committed".


The specific crimes committed by the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), which Taylor supported, include terrorizing civilians, murder, rape, sexual slavery and enforced amputations. Judge Richard Lussick of Samoa said more than 1,000 children had the letters "RUF" carved into their backs so that they could not escape, and children were also employed as soldiers and forced to amputate limbs and guard diamond mines.


Taylor's sentence will be handed down on May 3rd. He has 14 days to file a notice of appeal against his convictions.

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he was using children as soldiers. raped. and murdered. on a fairly large scale even.


i care. even if i'm not from there.


but each to their own :sheepdance:


Fair enough, not sure I should be paying for him to answer for it though, they should get their own house in order.

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It won't be long before you young loons will be considerig these issues. Forewarned is forearmed , get a wee bottle of oregano in the hoose and sprinkle it on yer porridge , herbs are Nature's medicines and prevention is better than cure.




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he was using children as soldiers. raped. and murdered. on a fairly large scale even.


i care. even if i'm not from there.


but each to their own :sheepdance:

As long as he's making a valiant attempt at Kilimanjaro I'm in...Stick me down for a monkey...or whatever passes as currency in his home land ;)

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why would you be doing that?

or does being incredibly hot outweigh being a weegie? :o


I recall being about 15, and the cousin of a mate came to civilization from the weeg for a hoalideh... she was pretty damn cute, but any time she opened her mouth it was like nails down a blackboard.


I'll not deny the impulse to shag her was about equal to the impulse to batter her to death with a length of lead pipe.

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