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Quotes From The Huns

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The Draconian Punishment system for us would put any other Team in the League out of business in the Blink of an eyelid,and this is the point Walter made ,they have opened the biggest can of worms ever with this,and it should Fucking Stop now .


Its getting Fucking silly now from them, and we must keep account of every single thing they are doing to us ,and never ever forget it.


Given the chance I would love us to get out of this shitty little Footballing Nation.


Rangers Football club has been in the past the biggest Contributor of Players to the Scotland set up for over a Century, and this along with the Commercial Value, has not once been taken into Consideration.

They have been quick to Punish us ,and also quick to reap the benefits of our Success when things where going well.But now its not they are Hounding on us for Blood.


Due to the Bigoted nature of this Country now , the SFA cannot for fear of religious or Political Backlash help one of its senior, and most Contributing Members.

Its a Fucking Travesty they are pandering to Religious, and Bigoted Zealots.





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