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Casting The Net For New Players

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Personally reckon we should go for Detroit Waza's Dominic Scicluna, based on a huge number of reasons.


He's solid, can't be knocked off the ball, good passing, fierce tackler, unbelievable control, can put in a shot, not scared to try the unexpected. Has a six pack that John Collins could only dream of, can almost...almost form a coherent sentence, and.. well, in his own words...


"i live life to the fullest without hesitation fullfilling mi destiny effortlessly naturally spontanouesly what i want it to be like a piceses at sea a facon 2b"


So, yeah, I think we can all agree with that sentiment. Who hasn't wanted "to be like a piceses at sea a facon 2b"?


I know I have.


Here's a picture of Dominic being like a piceses at sea a facon 2b, with a kettlebell.




But more than all of that.. more than the (genuinely) incredible ball control, and the six pack and the godlike hair... Dominic Scicluna knows how to celebrate a goal.




And the really funny thing is that this guy would probably improve Aberdeen.

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