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Rides You Dream Of

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time to start thinking about replacing my current car. and i was researching more sensible options and then just started to wander.. into dreamland. :sheepdance:


a Veyron would be top of the list, but is even out of my dream snack bracket. :( but i am liking the looks of this one.. the new Boxster. room for my purse in the passenger seat. and it's a convertible (which i currently have), so that's always nice. it's more fuel-efficient than its predecessors, still zippy and would look terrific in red. :thumbs: unfortunately it would have to be just a summer car. hence, the dreaming bit.


and then there`s my other dream ride. :P


what would yours be?



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I'm a man of simple taste.


A Golf Rallye G60 that some twat hasn't modified to pieces would be top of my shopping list. Unfortunately unmodified versions in mint condition are like rocking horse shit so it's a dream motor in that it's likely not available.




Oh aye and Liv Tyler.



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There's only one car that has everything, style, classic design, a certain cache that expects you to see models, artists, poets, gangsters, beatniks and Hep Cats behind the wheel...


Just looking at this car makes me want to write deep and meaningful existential poetry... so I will....



We are nothing

Dust from dying stars

Set against a waste twisted hatred

And some chick

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on the possible-and-not-quite-dreaming list would be the Challenger SRT8. 6.4L hemi V8 with 470 hp and 470 lb-ft torque. :thumbs: not available in apple green any more however. :ThumbsDown: and not convertible. :ThumbsDown: but at least i could drive it all year.


she is a beauty. :sheepdance:


I too already own my dream car a Impreza wr1






I wouldn't say no to an Impreza 22b




Pushing the boat oot with limitless cash I'd get one of these beauties....Ferrari Enzo




Also wouldn't mind a ride o this :) ....Amber Heard




Or if I fancied something a bit more "mature" I'd like a "shotty" o her!



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