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Euro 2012 Babes

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You're a star.


Looks as though the vajazzle has ended around the vagina entrance and not continued on as I thought.


But actually I see her paps aren't painted white? Hmmmmitch-chin.gif


After studying the initial front view extremely closely I would say that the footballs were photoshopped on. Its that or she has innies/no nipples at all.

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Her, third fae left in the main row, classic Scandinavian fanny :thumbup1:


In discussions with a company at the moment about a move to Norway, think you may have just sold it to me.


On that, know any good income tax calculator sites for Norwegian tax, I have to come up with a day rate but its nae easy when you're having to negotiate your way through their tax system while making sure its worth your while.

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