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Looking Change Apartment./hotel


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Booked a holiday a while ago for August. To be honest didn't really look into much where the apartment was, anyway my mate has just came back from his holiday staying in the said apartment and on his return advised us to change as it was a dive in a really rough area and was nothing near by.

What I was wondering if anyone has changed a hotel before because of a bad review? First time the Missus has been away so hate her first time to be somewhere not to safe and shit. I ahve seen a better apartment but don't want phone up and look live a idiot.

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Call up and tell them that your not happy about where your staying and get it changed, see what they have to offer... Do the research and pick a new one. Might charge you more though.


Is there nothing on the confirmation or the T&Cs about changing hotels? You should read all your paperwork before you end up burning money!

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