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Financial Implications Of Spl Without Huns

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Can anyone point me in the direction of the blog that was doing the rounds which explained very well the reasons the SPL, and Scottish football generally, will be better off without the huns?


Obviously I know the basics, but it had some useful facts and figures etc




Don't know if this is what you are looking for but maybe good start Link http://wingsland.podgamer.com/why-scotland-doesnt-need-rangers/

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the financial argument fall apart straight away due to the entrenhed attitude of the fans and especially rangers fans who seem to have an ability top be shooting themselves in the foot at every opportunity


The argument goes like this


Get rid of rangers and the clubs lose money as there is a lack of ONE guranteed home game a year so they have lost 2- 4000 fans ( 1 or 2 games)


but due to rangers fans attitude who suggest a boycott


Allow rangers into the SPL, clubs los money as they will boycott the one guaranteed home gae a year AND your home fans will fall away as well


so infact if chairman are looking at this from a financial perspective they lose 2000 fans by preventing rangers coming back into the SPL if you then assume that clubs lose 200 fans ( a very low figure) they lose a further 3600 fans over a season so effectively they have lost 6000 -8000 fans or so through the gates


so financially its is best to get rid of rangers from the top flight - UNLESS that is that chairman are so out of touch with their customers that they dont believe the fans would do it.


Kodak, ratners Woolworths and so on all showed what happens when you ignore your customer

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First of all, your average Hun doesn't have the first fucking clue about finances.


"Stevie" or "Davie" the bigot fae Guvvin who says the SPL need the Hun, whose da' was a bigot and whose da' before him was a bigot won't have a clue, they probably think a CVA are they cunts who come and chase you for child support. Ignore.


Second of all, the correct decision is made then AFC fans should and will financially back the club out of a point of principle to make up for the dreadful loss of 2,000 orcs singing songs of hate a maximum of once or twice a season. A similar story for other SPL clubs I imagine. Corporate revenue would also continue, which I suspect the threatened loss of would have swayed Milne's decision, probably made his mind up.


There's also not a shred of evidence to say the Sky deal would collapse. Re-negotiate on a lower paid deal perhaps, but then when Setanta went completely belly up we were told it was doomsday...well we're all still here aren't we?


It's only the likes of Traynor, who's paper would die without blanket coverage of Rangers and how much hate they have for Celtic, who should be afraid by a lack of Hunnery amongst Scotland's elite.




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The SPL era, on the other hand, has seen Tweedlehun and Tweedlydee cosily slice up first and second place in 12 of its 13 seasons (the only blip being Hearts pipping Rangers to the runner-up spot by a single point in 2005/06).


thats fucking genius

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busy as fuck recently min. loads of folk at work phoning in sick or taking holidays....so management keep asking me to pull double fucking shifts.


folk keep telling me i can say no but its not that easy when the other 2 folk in my department point blank refuse to do overtime so that leaves me to pick up the slack or it all goes tits up for me coming in the next day.

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If the newhuns are not winning regardless of what league they are in, I'm pretty much sure that the 'fabled' 4000 plus away support, (or whatever number the media dream up)would diminish quite quickly as the glory hunters will desert them in their droves.


Oh and by the way, Charlie Allan's comments in today's EE were disgraceful. Accusing Aberdeen of a lack of integrity when we finished bottom but due the Falkirk's stadium being a shit hole we escaped relegation/playoff. Get your facts straight, you fat, pie eating wanker, Falkirk were aware of the rules and did nothing for two seasons about it, so its nothing to do with AFC showing a lack of integrity, it was Falkirk's fault for not complying with the rules.

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