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Teddy Scott Rip

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That's a shame, RIP.


Oh for the simplicity of setup we had then to be restored to Pittodrie now.


These days we're top heavy with chiefs and barely notice the Indians.


Then it was a tight knit squad, low on numbers, with very few backroom staff to prop it all up.


Yet we were hugely successful then, and we're rubbish now.


It disna take a genius to see why.

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Gutted, used to always stop to speak to the missus when she was pregnant with our wee lad. We used to stay not far from him and he would walk past our place all the time and he noticed her bump and would ask her how she was getting on with the pregnancy, pointless story but just my personal experience of the man.


RIP Teddy

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Sad day for the club and Dons fans , RIP Teddy , Dons Legend



Met him at todders once , school fitba team was invited in for a training session there , it was the time when Smithie and Jocky Scott were in charge . Long story short I asked him a question and called him Jocky ( i knew who he was it was just a slip ) :poster_oops: he looked at me and smiled then answered my question before walking away . My mate slapped my round the back of the heid and said " that was Teddy Scott ye daft cunt !!" - daft story i ken but it just sprang back into my heid .


sad day



Rip Teddy

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Chris Harvey has spoken to AFC and they have confirmed it via twitter




Shame like.


Is anyone up for putting together a petition to get Teddy Scott's name on one of the stands before the club sell the rights for the stands to Weatherseal or someone? Bad enough it's going to be the Willie Wilson Arena but needs must I suppose

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