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Let's All Unite To Make Sure Rangers Get What They Deserve

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I am a Hibee, but have joined your forum so that I can post something I posted on hibs.net earlier today. I am trying to get support from other SPL fans. Please read and consider. If you feel as strongly as I do, please pass on to any other team's fans so they can lobby the SFA also. I hope you guys can help, and I hope your board, and ours do the right thing come July the 4th.


There have been some fantastic efforts, not only by Hibees, but by fans of every other club in the country to make it known our views on the Rangers Newco situation. Let's make sure the SFA know our views. I don't think Rangers (or whatever they will be called going forward) should be allowed to re-enter Scottish Football in any other way than we would. i.e. Division 3. Make no mistake, if we, the Jambo's, Dundee Utd, Aberdeen, St Mirren et al had done what Rangers did, we would not get any special treatment. There should be no restructure of Scottish Football just to allow Rangers into Division 1. A restructure is needed, fairer distribution of monies amongst clubs, a fairer voting structure etc, but this should be done after Rangers have been dealt with accordingly.


Let's all e-mail the SFA, (as I intend to as soon as I have finished this post) to let them know what we think about the Rangers Newco situation. Division 3 and nothing else.


e-mail address for the SFA: info@scottishfa.co.uk


If we send their e-mail server into meltdown, they may take notice.


Does anyone have any contacts with other clubs fans? If so please ask them to e-mail the SFA with their

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Already have, I also bombarded Regan's twatter.


I let them know that if they push through the RFC going into D1 then they will be responsible for the death of Scottish football.


If they think the backlash from the SPL fans was hard to deal with and could bring down the top flight wait until they see what happens when they drag SFL D1, D2 & D3 into the equation.

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I've sent SFA an email.I told them that Newco entering the SFL in Div 1 would bring the game into such disrepute that legal action to stop it would be inevitable.

It should be noted that clubs in the lower divisions of the SFL depend heavily on volunteer supporters for their existence.They are much more dependent on the goodwill of fans for the day to day running.And from what I'm hearing,Newco will be lucky to get accepted into Div 3

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Not sure what to write in this instance. I actually think a restructure - to two leagues hopefully - would be great. We have not just too many football bodies but too many leagues.


But of course agreeing with that means that if a Sevco re-entry (if it happened) in the new 2nd tier would likely mean they would be in the 1st tier the year after. Some punishment.


The only thing I can see to fit with my viewpoint is that Rangers can not be allowed entry at all to the league for a year, and then given entry to the 2nd tier. But that makes presumptions that are probably drawing the bow a bit far.


Basically I think the viewpoint is too complex to put down in a coherent way in a soundbite email and I'm not happy to speak against a restructure just for the sake of being anti-Rangers when I think the restructure could save football as a whole.





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