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A Season Worth Savouring!

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This coming season will be a season like no other that has gone before. Ultimately fan power has demonstrated that, if united, we, the fans have a very loud voice. Let's demonstrate our unity by getting down to the old pit more than we have done in the last few seasons. Glory in the fact that we along with supporters of many clubs in Scotland brought about this change. We are NOT the peeple but we ARE people who wanted, nay demanded , that by doing things the right way then we can all be winners - not of trophies but of dignity and fair play. This will be a season worth savouring!



I think we all should also realise that as well as a voice we have a responsibility.

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Wish I still lived in NE scotland , I would have been there like a fucking rocket , as it stands i will return to Pittodrie whenever i am home . Gutted not to be there for the whole season though . If things go as everyone wants then it wont just be this season to savour , if redistribution of monies and reconstruction of leagues is done right ( nae that 10 team drivel) then we may have many more seasons to savour , as it is though surely te fuck we will have at least 3 seasons like that .



STAND FREE MY FRIENDS - :crossfingers: The futures bright , its nae orange though :lolrangers:

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Call me cynical... I wouldn't go THAT far... "bums of seats stellar signing" - but definitely a step in the right direction... #coyr

Agreed...Pikey chancer would be closer... that said he's a positive move and that should be applauded...not very loudly

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I think we all should also realise that as well as a voice we have a responsibility.

Aye,a debt as it were,and debts need repaying,and I'm going to enjoy repaying this debt no matter how good or bad my team is doing,just to GIRFUT.

Reading various fitba forums, I think that there will be surge of people going to the games at seasons kick off,the hardest part is to keep it going no matter the results or standard of fitba.

The supporters from Aberdeen,Inverness,Dingwall and to a lesser extent,Dundee,will naturally have to pay out more,due to travelling costs but the rest of the clubs,I believe,will be returning the visits in larger numbers than has been the norm in seasons past.

Fitba is supposed to be fun,lets make it fun again,something we are looking forward to. The minute the final minute goes on one gemme,we're thinking about the next. :thumbs:

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Slightly worried that "can't be bothered" will kick in quickly once the season kicks in.


Exactly this - time for the fans to get behind the team after recent ongoings in Scottish football.


Spoke to a few fans who said 'i WILL get a ST if Newco are rejected'....now it is 'i might get one' or 'will pay at the gate (they wont)'.


Upto the fans to do their bit.

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I'll be buying a season ticket as soon as 3rd division is confirmed for that lot.


Along with several others.

Think this attitude is piss poor...AFC have done all they can...and believe me I'm as surprised as anyone...It's time to get behind the team and support the club by committing to purchasing the ST...regardless of where the hun end up...and the fact we have Milne and Brown on-board.

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