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The Weekly Chat Accumulator 21/22

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Ok gents, as pointed out the fixtures are a bit spread out over the Easter weekend so if there's no objections, we'll make it a double header, Fri/Sat and then Mon/Tues. I'll revise the list following the final Sat fixture picked. If you don't think you'll be on over the weekend feel free to select for both periods and we can use the 2nd one if the first comes in.

Also, try and keep selections from the UK leagues and preferably leagues folk can find on their bet slips. ?

Last Week’s Result (2/5)


Redforver86 * (6) Atletico away to Mallorca @1.90 ?
Sooper_hanz * (10) Truro City 10/11 ?
Studebaker90 (9) Arsenal to beat Brighton 3/5 ?
G31Don (10) Plymouth away win v Burton 11/8 ?
Don Fonte (12) Queens Park 4/7 ?

This Weeks Line Up (Fri/Sat Fixtures)

@Sooper-hanz *(11)
@Don Fonte(13)
@Redforever86 (6)
@dazzy_deff (2)


Ten Caat (10)
robbojunior (7)
Roberto (5)
King Street Loon (5)
Durrant Dived
Henry (7)
The Buzzard (8)
thedandydon (4)
Studebaker90 (9)
G31Don (10)

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