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The Weekly Chat Accumulator 21/22

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Running out of weeks to avoid the whitewash. :wacko:

Just a heads up, this week and next week will be normal 5 fold format. Final two weekends will be as per last season, all-in groupings to determine final standings. Top 5 will carry over as next seasons starting line up for those signing up again.

Last Week’s Result 3/5

Dazzy_Deff (4) Nottingham forest to beat Peterborough 4/6 ?
Sooper-hanz (12) Exeter 9/13 ?
Ten Caat (11) Wigan to win 4/5 ?
Roberto (5) Aberdeen to win. ?
King Street Loon (5) Newcastle 23/20 ?

This Weeks Line Up

@dazzy_deff* (5)
@Sooper-hanz (13)
@King Street Loon (6)
@Durrant Dived
@Henry (7)


The Buzzard (8)
thedandydon (4)
Studebaker90 (9)
G31Don (10)
Don Fonte (13)
Redforever86 (6)
Parklife (6)
robbojunior (7)
Ten Caat (11)
Roberto (5)

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