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Gigs 2022


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5 hours ago, Grays Babylon 1875 said:

Promise me when you see Tool, and Parabol transitions in to Parabola...

The fucking greatest moment in music -  you will punch the sky and think about your old internet pal Grays....

This body reminding you that pain is an illusion....



It's a religious experience.....


I thank you.

I did enjoy that moment when they performed it at the barras...

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7 minutes ago, King Street Loon said:

I was supposed to be going to that in Nov, but it's been postponed until April as you'll be aware.

The November date coincided nicely with my return from Tenerife.

Probably wouldn't have bothered if the support was Garbage (the band ? ) but when they pulled out of the rescheduled concerts and Johnny Marr was announced I thought it would be one not to be missed.

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34 minutes ago, Bad_Mobby said:

Emailed work the day and told them I intended to take all of June off for;

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

The National (in Cork or Limerick) 

Porto Primavera (Beck, Pavement, Gorrilaz, Nick Cave, Tame Impala, Dinosaur Jr) 


New album out for it? Last album was a bit shite. 

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2 hours ago, cheesepipes said:

Crushing Riff Lords unite. 


90s metal Heavyweights Machine Head doing an intimate venue tour of Scotland taking in Lemon Tree, September 22.


Burn my Eyes a real classic .

Tickets on sale 10am.

Come along, buy cheesepipes a pint. 

How the hell has this happened! Ace 

Probably the loudest band I’ve ever seen 

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