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Black Friday


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9 hours ago, Sooper-hanz said:

Is it a load of poop ? Any bargains to be had ? Do you enjoy watching morons fighto the death over a lesser known brand,big TV? 
Was your first reaction “ “Surely we can’t use the word ‘black’ that racialistic!!”

I’m of the opinion it’s a load of poop.



Pretty much the only time I'll watch the news.

If Trailer Trash serve any actual purpose it's to entertain me personally, so I approve of Black Friday unreservedly. 

People have started going tooled up with CS gas and a variety of low key 'weapons', and I'm sure a few folks have been murdered over reasonably priced 4K Tellies and sparkly rollerboots. A worthwhile reason to die, imo. You go girl. Get that half price Billy Bass for your double wide... 

As for the 'Black Friday', it's because the retailers sell so much shit, it puts them in the black for that fiscal quarter. 

Nothing to do with ethnics. 




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