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The Weekly Chat Acca 2023/24 Season

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Doesn't get much closer than last week, 15 minutes to score a 3rd goal, but not to be.

Like Robson's Reds, the same team is getting a flogging.  I'm off the bench for the first change in 4 weeks.

TC and Standfree manage 3 in a row for an extra life each.



Dazzy Deff (11)(1) - Plymouth vs Sunderland Over2.5 1/2

TenCaat (8)(3)*  - Bolton to win 4/7

Standfree1978 (4)(3)* - Swindon vs Mansfield  Over 2.5 goals 8/13

@Studebaker-90 (5)(1)

G31 Don (3)






Don Fonte(2)

KingStreet Loon (1)


The Dandy Don(2)

The Buzzard(6)

Durrant Dived (5)

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