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Summer 2024 Transfer Window

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Summer sales have the potential to be savage gut punches. On the bright side though, if we get 

1• a head of recruitment 

2• a new manager….after the interim

3• replacement for Miovski

4• replacement for Barron

5• replacement for Duk

6• god knows how many other signings 

we’ll piss this league. 

champs 24/25

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5 minutes ago, Andy_123 said:



Assume we’ll have a new manager sorted by then (then again it is AFC so who knows)

Need all that sorted before we even think about starting to sort out this unbalanced squad and who we replace Miovski with when he goes

New head of recruitment was meant to start on the 1st. Not sure if that happened with the mess we are in. 

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On 2/1/2024 at 10:47 PM, Tord31 said:

Another 13 players in. Here we are

Between players we still haven't replaced since last year, out of contracts who will leave, and players I expect will be sold, you're not far off. 

I reckon nine or ten. So much for not having a massive turnover of players every summer.

Also means we'll have our annual struggle to get a decent team together during the window for the euro qualifiers.

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