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Scotland v Faroes in Norway

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I'm working over in Trondheim this week and was wondering if any of the regulars to Norway would know if any of the channels over here are likely to be broadcasting the Scotland game?


Thanks in advance :itch-chin:



When i have been in Haugesund, Stavanger and Bergen i never have problems getting to watch a game of football.


Find a sports bar and they will have SkySports.


Never been to Trondheim so cant recommend a specific bar.


Remember it will be a 615pm local time kick off.

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Cheers for the advice. I remembered from last time I was in Norway that the sports bars generally have Sky Sports but don't BBC Scotland have the rights to Scotland's away games?


Its definitely Sky Sports that are showing the game Wazzamatazz.


As E-P-K says loads of pubs will have Sky for showing the English games. Only problem you might have is that the Norway game kicks off at 7pm local time. I'm certain you will get it somewhere though.

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