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Berlin for stagger

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I'm heading over to Berlin for my stagger at end of July (26/29 July). trying to see if their is any games on that dates but can't seem to find any info on this. Can anyone help?


Also can anyone give me any details about the place as i imagine a few folk were there a few years back for the UEFA cup game.



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Aright Tommy?


Wondered if their were any pre season games lined up?




Nae bad min.


They have a friendly on 1st july and then go to austria for

training camp but no other matches announced.



You just watch out for the trannies that stalk lads on their stagger :crossfingers:

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The lower leagues usually start a couple of weeks earlier than the Bundesliga. I just had a quick look on the Union Berlin website and their last pre-season friendly is on the 18th (against Leeds United strangely enough) so there's a good chance the league will be starting the week after. They're in the 3rd division and play in front of about 8,000. I went to see them a few months back and would recommend it. Nice club bar, beer on sale at the (very old-fashioned) ground and a half decent standard of football.



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I was there last summer for the Berlin Loveparade.... cracking city, but I'll echo the statement that it is exceedingly difficult to get in to the better clubs in a group of guys. I was there with a group of just 4 guys and we were turned away from so many clubs that some nights we just gave up.... It doesn't really matter anyway to be perfectly honest as all the bars stay open till late and are generally pretty lively!

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