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Bellamy To West Ham

Guest ultrarobin

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Craig Bellamy is the rich man's Ivan Sproule.


West Ham have sold their soul big style. Used to have a soft spot for them but Curbishley, a vastly overrated manager has come in and signed rubbish. With the money he's been given he's had the ability to turn West Ham into a top 6 side. I'd be surprised if they are top-half material. Craig Bellamy will always be a bottom-half Premiership player. I was flabbergasted when Liverpool signed him in the first place.


I feel sorry for guys like Dean Ashton, a player who has the potential to play for one of the big 4 and could be the new Alan Shearer. He could see his career go backwards the way things are.

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I don't think they should have been deducted points and have a soft spot for them over the way they managed to stay up last year, but they have spent a ridiculous amount of money on completely average players. I doubt whether they're even a much better side than they were last year given that they're going to lose Tevez, Benayoun and Reo-Coker who are either better than who they've replaced them with or not much worse.

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Arsenal are foookin sh*te now! They're selling average - big players, and bringing in no-one worth mentioning.


West Ham are being very stupid towards player wages.


Now now, people in glass houses.


Arsene Wenger buys players no one has ever heard of for a purpose, and he's turned them into excellent or effective players in his team.


Given that Liverpool just spent

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