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AFC Chat aims to be the best Aberdeen FC fans forum on the internet, and in order for all our members to get the best out of the site we've got a few simple rules to follow.

1. Personal Abuse: We're all here to discuss and debate the Dons - and we encourage different opinions to be put out there. It's easy to get into a heated debate - but try and keep topics on the subject at hand and avoid getting too personal. Any sort of personal abuse or offensive posts are not welcome, we're all on the same side after all.

2. Language and Conduct: We expect all forum members to communicate respectfully and maintain a positive atmosphere. Avoid using offensive, discriminatory, or inappropriate language. Let’s keep the discussions civil and enjoyable for everyone.

3. Duplication: Before you start a new thread or post a new article, have a quick look at the forum to see if there's already a thread on the go about it. Try and avoid duplication as repeat threads will be merged.

4. Moderator Abuse: The Moderation team are here to help the site run smoothly. While we'll strive to help and assist members whenever we can, we're not here to be abused. We like to think we're approachable, so if you have any questions about the site then please do PM us.

5. Duplicate Accounts: Duplicate or 'sock puppet' accounts are not allowed - one account should be enough for everyone. Users creating duplicate accounts will be banned.

6. Trolling: While we all like a wind up now and again, we don't encourage "fishing" on the football forums - any issues regarding this will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

7. Reporting Content: If you notice anything objectionable, then please use the "report" button rather than getting drawn into an argument on the main forum. Be assured that your report will be picked up by a mod, and dealt with as soon as possible.

Although we attempt to monitor and moderate the contents of posts to insure that our rules are being met, we cannot guarantee that all posts are seen by moderators and we rely on other members to help report content which breaks rules. Although we encourage users to use the report function to flag potential posts which break rules, continued and wrongful abuse of the report function will be seen in a negative light and may result in sanctions.

8. NSFW Content: This is a family site, so no pornographic images are permitted. If you wish to post something of that nature in The Pub, then make sure you make clear in the topic title that it contains material not suitable for work or family viewing.

9. No spam.

10. Personal Information: Please do not reveal personal information of other forum users such as names, addresses and employment information.

11. Off-Topic: Please try and keep threads on topic.

We know conversation often naturally branches out into different directions, but try and keep things on track where possible and think whether your conversation might be better suited to PM or another thread. Posts may be removed if they stray too far off the beaten track

12. Obfuscating: Obfuscating and/or posting content that is hard to read or follow, by means of fonts, formats, styling properties, colours, as well as using forum posting functions contrary to their intended purpose. These can be visually annoying and break the flow of discussion in topics.

13. Novelty Accounts: The creation of “novelty accounts” is not allowed. A “novelty account” refers to but not extensively limited to an account that lacks genuine user information, uses false identities and pretends to be a fictional character or public figure.


AFC-Chat is not responsible for the content posted on the site for which is solely owned by the authors of each respective post.


Enjoy the forums!

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