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  1. In. Let’s rock. Probably the last time I’ll be seeing Miovski in the flesh. Go with an unchanged team, 3-0 the dons. Withir meant to be bilin hait tae. COYR.
  2. Is there any chance Jimmy Thelin will be present for this? And there’s still around 200 tickets left of our 2000 allocation for those wanting to go.
  3. In, going down with the missus. She’s only been to two away games, Stirling in the cup and Ibrox 3-1 last September. Hope her 100% record continues, they’re in poor form and we are in good form but then thats when it usually goes the other way 😒 Hope we take down a big crowd and it’s a better result than last time we were at Easter Road
  4. Assuming Shinnie is suspended for this one? I'd like to see Sokler and Miovski start up front together, Sokler definitely needs more game time. Doohan Devlin McDonald Gartenmann MacKenzie Clarkson Polvara Barron Duk Miovski Sokler
  5. Massive game. Expectation lower than a snakes belly. Positives: 2 games away from group stage European football. Negatives: we’re pish. Hard to be optimistic about this, but I’m going to be in/oot: in pre match: driving at early o’clock post match: driving for hours post driving: celebrating a famous win with heavy drinking prediction: Aberdeen 2 Celtic 1 (Miovski and Clarkson)
  6. Date : Saturday 13th April 2024, Time : 3pm, In or Oot : Oot, Furryboots : N/A, Pre-Matcher : Nae sure yet, Post-Matcher : As above, Prediction : 2-1 Aberdeen, Crowd : 14,746.
  7. I'd just like to start the, 'must win', '6 pointer', 'cup final thread. Fill yer boots.
  8. Ferguson on the bench again Really not sure what the boy needs to do to get a start Anyway, Mon Scotland, intae these hun bastards
  9. Would be good if the coaching staff actually looked at the team sheets that played against Ross County and Motherwell away. Our 2 best performances. Heavily dependent on packed midfield 4 2 3 1 and 5 4 1.
  10. Must win game If we are going to get clear of a relegation fight. COYRs. After the game take Docherty up the road wi us. p.s. Anyone got a ticket who can't manage?
  11. Yesterday was a new low. Snatching defeat from a victory in injury time. It's been mince this year and I hold Cormack responsible. However we are Aberdeen fans first and foremost. Let's try and get as big and as loud a crowd as we can for the Cup game on Saturday. Can we roar a team lacking in confidence and get them over the line next Saturday. Then we can start asking Cormack what he is going to do next. COYR.
  12. Cannot believe Saints are sitting at 6/5 Will likely be putting a sizeable amount on that and proceed to try and ignore the fitba for once on a Saturday Sick of it
  13. Doohan and Hoilett's first league starts. Miovski back on the goal trail. Gap to fourth closed to 7 or 8 pts with a game in hand. Red card for Marley Watkins. COYR.
  14. Is it possible we win a must win game before the end of the season? Got to be wholesale changes for this 1. Macdonald and Milne in at CB. Hoilett and Duk on the wings as it’s the only players we have that can play on wing. I’d also start Phillips as he’s 1 a few players that offers physicality that we are so short on. May not be technically great but has bags of energy. It’s starting to grate on me the manager saying we are conceding stupid goals then he starts the same players in defence again and again. I’d possibly swap the GK out too. Contract extensions for Gartermann and Roos better be off the table now. prediction 0-0
  15. In. Warnocks horny reds. Corporate. Having a day with friends/family. Raising many glasses of fizzy pop in honour of my dad. Looking forward to the day out and to give Warnock a bosie. 5 nil Aberdeen. Miovski all 5. We are winning the Scottish Cup. Cards on the table... Drop Roos. Drop Hayes.
  16. Can’t help but feel we are a bit undercooked going into this
  17. Let’s do it again Mon the fucking Dandies es
  18. Let's get behind the manager and the team here, guys. Make Pittodrie a fortress again 😎 Aberdeen 0-5 Celtic. Highly sceptical as to my own attendance.
  19. After the usual incoming defeat at tyncastle on Saturday, is it time that folk started protesting at the Dundee game?
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