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I don't think there is a better music store in Aberdeen at the moment than Fopp. Wide selection of music, all genre's, books and DVD's. Pisses on the likes of rip off stores such as HMV and Virgin.


I bought tonight; The Very Best of the Stone Roses -

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It looks like Fred in OneUp has the upper hand over HMV and Virgin.


He has the ability to change prices at the drop of a hat unlike the other two who have to wait for 'head' office to shift arse.


I have often found albums to be 1(one)p cheaper in OneUp than in Fopp.

Granted that's going to make no difference to your personal budget but the principal's good.


OneUp(Fred) has also given me a discount over and above the cheapest prices in town on occasions.

I have'nt had than in Fopp since Ewan(now manager in the Reading Fopp) left.


Must confess to buying more of my STUFF online where the average price for a cd seems to be between

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I'm not a big fan of fopp, did go there all the time when if was beside M&S but i feel stince fopp has moved its changed to be like the HMV and Virgin is. Yes you still get some cheap fantastic offers now and again but i feel its slighty more expensive than 1-up on certain stuff. I always like to support the local independent store like 1-up rather than companys like fopp who are now have quite a lot of stores now, when fopp was first down in Aberdeen i felt it was fantastic record shop.

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