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Ramos accepts Spurs job

Guest LondonScottish

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Guest LondonScottish

Ramos has accepted Spurs offer to join them as manager from Seville. Not sure what his contracts going to be worth, but probably in excess of 60k per week.

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Guest LondonScottish
60k a week?


Not bad for a guy who cant even speak English!



Pretty small potatoes really, 60k a week in the big scheme of things. He could very well be Spurs dream ticket.

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Guest LondonScottish
This has been on the cards for ages now! At least now when Jimmy goes to Leicester we have a suitable replacement in Martin Jol




The rumours had been doing the rounds, a bit like Frank McGarvey was house hunting in West Hill. Ramos has only just accepted.

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Guest Will O' Fud

Really think that Mark Hughes would be a better option than Ramos. Although you could argue that Hughes leaving Blackburn would be a backward step for him as well. Playing really well this season


Are Spurs really that big a club?

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Guest Willo Flood
How come your username's changed?


:laughing: :laughmad:


Just noticed that. What's going on here? They could've at least made it Will O' F*d.


I demand that Drew Peac**k's name is changed to Drew Penis

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