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Scottish Amateur Cup

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How did everyone get on then. We played brilliantly.............we were 1 nil down, but managed to go 2-1 up at half time. We were playing superbly, and this was against a Premier Division side that has won the league for the past 2 seasons, and have always done well in the Scottish Cup.


I never started the game, but I didn't expect to, as I wasn't home until 4 in the morning on the Friday night, I was a mess, but got the second half, played pretty well, albeit I really wanted to spew.


They scored to make it 2-2, and with half an hour to go, we won ourselves a corner, it was whipped in, I missed it first time, but the keeper decided to punch it against my nose and it went in off the post. The keeper followed through with a punch in my nose, and it was swollen to ***k, didn't stop me running half the length of the pitch to celebrate what seemed the winning goal. The ref added on a lot of time added on, and just as it seemed he would blow for time up, the ball came across our box and our defender stuck out a head, and it looped over our goalkeeper, I was sick at that point.............means we have to go down there and beat them, but they're a very good side.


We had many people watching us, as we had a corporate day in which we paid money to help with the club. Raised over 2 and a half grand, 2/3rds of that was spent on drink.


At night, Joe Harper came and did a speech, he's actually quite funny and a good talker. I still think he's a penis though! All in all a very good night, can't wait to go down there and play them this weekend though!




Anyone else win / lose / draw?


You are in for a tough as fk match down there mate, they are very very good at home, totally different side.

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