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A Day in the Life of Mike McCurry

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1. Always a bit of a sleepless night, the night before an Old Firm game so I find myself wide awake at 4.30am. Being a man of the cloth I decide to spend some time reading extracts from my bible, particularly the parts about treating others as they treat you and loving thy neighbours.


2. Arrive at my favourite ground in the entire world where the hospitality displayed by all is first class. Receive warm embrace from Walter (we go back a long way) and hear one or two tremendously funny tales from the cheeky wee chappy McCoist, who happily poses for pictures and signs autographs for some of my relatives. What a guy.


3. Go into the away dressing room to share a few words just prior to kick off but find Father Burns in the middle of some Rosemary prayer ritual with the players and am shocked to find even the Protestants giving it Hail Mary! Being a Christian, Father Burns extends an invite to myself to join in and share a pre-match spiritual moment to which I politely decline and quickly hurry out the room. I may be a Christian but I

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