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Tip to get italy tickets

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As u know the remaining tickets went on sale this morning to travel club members. If any fellow dandy is trying, here is a little tip.


In Stead of the 0870 number there is an 0141 587 6072 number i found out about. Now that was constantly engaged then i thought maybe this is a direct line number. So changed last digit and on 0141 587 6075 it rung for ages....picked up SFA Ticketline and now I have 4 extra tickets for mrs and mates.



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i tried the 0141 number yesterday and got through to the SFA enquiries, she politely said they don't sell tickets here but there were tickets for sale, on the number given by the email on friday night, this was about 1430.


i finally got through at about 1830 and secured 1 (one) extra ticket, thats all she said she could give me. i did ask for 2 but she said not a chance. end of day i now have my own ticket and one for my mate, so i will see you all on the 17th November.

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Guest LondonScottish
Just got through, after 2 1/2 days of trying, to be told it's sold out. If I could see anyone involved in this fiasco right now they would be getting a swift punch in the mouth. Absolute joke



Great first post!!! :itch-chin:

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I finally got thru at about 11.30 this morning to be told there were only kids tickets left in the family stand.


Said they'd be fine, but to get them you must be a junior member of the SSC, so i said i was, gave them my details, and they're reply was No!! you're a full member!

it took me 5 mins jist now and got through and was told there were adult tickets left but im not a member so couldnt get one.i just phoned on the off chance there were left through general sale it did say in paper yesterday that 1300 were gan on sale to the public never mind ill keep trying

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