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Everton fans have tickets cancelled

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LONDON, Nov 6 (Reuters) - Around 1,500 Everton fans have had their tickets cancelled for Thursday's UEFA Cup game against Nuremberg in Germany because of fears over hooliganism, the Premier League club said on Tuesday.


UEFA classified the match as high-risk after it emerged that Nuremberg had sold some 1,500 tickets direct to Everton fans, who would have been sitting among home supporters. European football's governing body advised that the tickets be withdrawn.


Everton were allocated fewer than 3,000 tickets for the ground, which holds 47,000, and said they had received requests for five times that number.


"We would never recommend that supporters get tickets through the host club," said Everton spokesman Ian Ross. "There are concerns when they do that. Those who bought them are being told now they can't use them."

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My wonderful 'ploy' for home end tickets should I miss out on Saturday even caters for this happening with the Dons.


Ditch any casual attire, buy something from the Atletico clubshop, stick a Sombrero on and I'll be fine


Don't forget to grease your hair and grow a moustache. :checkit:

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I think unless you walk up to the home turnstiles with full Dons regalia with a rowie in yer moo and ask the operator, "Aye aye min, foos yer doos?" that it will be easy enough to "infiltrate".

Is it actually turnstyles over there or the usual Spanish lines of cops to get through?

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