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Hotels in Aberdeen

Alan B'stard

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Norwood House Hotel gets my vote.


My brother got married there in August - it was great. Really nice hotel, gorgeous rooms and a nice location with grounds etc. Drinks were reasonable from what I remember.


Are people suggesting Thistle Altens for real? I had to stay there when I was working in Aberdeen last summer, is it nae just a businessy-type hotel? It's in the middle of an industrial estate too!

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Aberdeen's iconic Marcliffe Hotel is set to close.


The five-star hotel - a popular venue for wedding receptions and functions - has been at its North Deeside Road venue since 1993.

The owner, Stewart Spence, is to retire and plans to sell the venue to an office developer.

Bookings at the hotel will be honoured until November next year.

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Plans to build a 134 bedroom hotel on the site of an old music shop have been approved.

Developers Tip Top Properties are to turn the old Bruce Miller's shop, on Union Street in Aberdeen, which closed in 2011, into a nine storey hotel.
The development will include a rooftop restaurant.
Parts of the back of the building will be demolished.
It is hoped the new hotel will provide 100 jobs – 20 full-time and 80 part-time and help stimulate the regeneration of the west end of the city centre.
The plans were approved by Aberdeen City Council on Thursday.
Convener Ramsay Milne said: “The whole area will be improved by this hotel and it’s essential that we do what we can to improve and regenerate the west end of the city centre.
"This is an important development, not only for the regeneration of the city centre, but also for business and employment in Aberdeen, and to ensure that the city remains an attractive destination for business and leisure tourists who are so important to the economy.
“We do not have enough hotel rooms in Aberdeen – and that’s not just on occasions when the whole oil industry comes to Aberdeen. It’s an issue on a regular basis and that is reflected in the prices.
“The prices of hotels in Aberdeen are very, very high because the demand for rooms is so high. This has an impact on business and the local economy. We are losing business to other places because of a lack of hotel rooms."
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A portable "pop up" hotel made from shipping containers could be built in Aberdeen by former racing driver David Coulthard.

The 160-bed Snoozebox development would be constructed in the Bridge of Don area of the city.
Former F1 racing driver and Snoozebox president Coulthard helped the London-based firm make its name accommodating spectators at the British Grand Prix.
A Snoozebox spokesman said: "We continue to explore a host of opportunities in key cities throughout the UK create semi-permanent hotels and accommodation units.
"As part of the process, Snoozebox regularly holds discussions and develops plans to progress opportunities.
"The company does not comment on opportunities under development that may or may not have been concluded."
The temporary hotel would operate for around five years if Aberdeen City Council grants planning permission.



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That looks fucking ace. Perfect for gigs around the AECC and even folk going to Pittodrie. Await folk saying it'll look like shite and that whatever is where it's going to be built needs to be retained as it's a place of such natural beauty and blah blah blah *insert typical nimby treehugger shite here*.

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Too right.

Some of the rooms offshore are far worse than that.

It truly is a delight to sleep in a bunk which is basically a nest of somebody else's pubic hair because the steward staff haven't bothered to clean the bed after whomever had it before you.



Pubic Hair, Publc Lice, anal wart shavings, arse worm eggs....the list goes on. It's the only reason these offshore types get so much money.

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